(1) Armadillo Undulations

lily shrouded saguaro cactus
draped venom & armadillo undulations
skeleton locomotion & fluffy coyote
gnawing webbed mouth eat cougar

the skull of man is distinguished
has not been crossed by the shadow of a bird
sink silently beneath the water
the air from their bodies
is not strong enough to crush bones.

Meant to be read aloud. It's not a poem, but an exercise in splattering language. It was was pulled from my wanderings in the Natural History Museum of Iowa City. I patched together scraps of the dry descriptions about stuffed fowl and hanging whale skeletons. There's nothing like taxidermy to inspire the creepy manipulation of language.

Try it out! Take a stroll and steal bits of language from the Walk/Don't Walk signs, cereal boxes, and bumper stickers.

Language is delicious. Delight in it! 


  1. That. Is. Very. Cool. where do you pick up this stuff?!

  2. You'd have no idea what wonderful phrases and words are tucked away in such ordinary places, waiting to be plucked!