The Bare Necessities

In the midst of scrambling to act brilliant for colleges and shove my philosophic self out of the way (she keeps asking why?), I've become obsessed with minimalism. What is minimalism? It's an un-obsession with stuff. It's a rebellion against the advertisements like this:

Has consumerism become a religion? We invest our money, time, and beliefs into stuff, expecting the spiritual satisfaction of real joy.  But we're smarter than that. We know that a before/after diet transformation won't shower us with promotions and lovers. We know every party isn't better with Pepsi. We know this new microwavable pizza still tastes like microwavable pizza. 

Minimalism is karate for consumerism. It's a way to chop through buzzing advertisements and time-sucks in order to recommit our wealth - both money and time - to what we love, instead of overstuffing our bellies with things we like. Minimalism is turning off the TV to go skydiving. Minimalism is forgoing the iPhone 4S, and the 5, and the 5S to fly to Ireland. Minimalism is finding real joy in life and adventure instead of Sears.

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  1. Minimalism appeals to me, still... this is a lovely post about it. :)

    Ha ha, I feel like every time I come on here, I'll get a surprise. This time the background's blue!!!

  2. Still what? Thank you :).

    I'm still trying to choose a direction. This manifests in a million sudden changes, from my blog theme to my college plans...

  3. There shouldn't have been a comma there. Sorry. "Minimalism appeals to me still. This is a lovely post about it." :P

    Aw. Is that good or bad?