The Quick Fix

We want it. And we can get it instantly. So why not? 

Why not is that the average American is $10,000 in debt. Why not is that our houses are so overstuffed with items we absolutely100%hadhadhad to buy that we either can't afford or can't find items of value. Why not is that the average American spends 7 hours and 46 minutes per month on Facebook and watches almost 159 hours of TV (that doesn't count Netflix), but just can't find time to sit down to a family dinner.

If I have a iPhone 4, why do I need a 4S? It's not about need. It's a conglomeration of entitlement, desire for approval, and two-year-old cookie grabbing.

But we're better than that.


  1. Greed will bring down America. :-\

    Or something. That is a very frank, very true post on consumerism. Good job.

  2. And truth is renewing it. We can't step back and point fingers, whatever is bringing down America is brought by us. We aren't exempt just because we've started asking questions.

    Thanks :)

  3. America is made up of people, not a person. So, yes. It would be all our faults, for not acting, etc...

  4. So let's act. What could we do TODAY to combat greed?