I don’t believe in tolerance, I believe in love. A love that befriends a person, serves them, fights for them, hopes with them, prays with them, dreams with them, and offends them.  

In Californian schools, the words "Mom" and "Dad" as well as "Husband" and "Wife" have been banished, because their usage could be offensive to homosexual individuals. When did it become so important to avoid contradicting anyone that the real details of family relationships have to be obscured? 

Disagreement is a color of the lost art of conversation. Unfortunately, disagreements could - gasp - offend someone. We are taught that offense is one of the greatest crimes we can inflict on one another. Now we are very good at being very nice and very useless.

There's a difference between offense and hurt. If I say abortion is murder, your brain might sprout prickly quills, arguments might heat in your belly, articles bemoaning those traditional progress-clogging conservatives like me might go scrolling through your eyes, that's offense. But if I said the same thing to a woman crushed by post-abortion depression, that's not just offense. That's hurt. I'm not afraid to disagree with anyone, but I will always strive to love. 

I claim my right to be offended. Please disagree with me out loud. Without contradictions, there is no exploration and no growth. What we do not discuss clearly, we do not see clearly. Political correctness is crippling America. If we claim our own opinions and live them out alongside each other, reaching out to one another, arguing civilly with one another, only then do we celebrate the alive diversity a healthy society craves. 

We have standardized tests and standardized job tracks and standardized majors, let's not standardize our minds and hearts and tongues, too. Let's not sacrifice our wild truth-seeking souls for inoffensiveness. 

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  1. That is so true. I simply love this blog. And this is one of my favorite posts yet. We need to be willing to stand up for what we believe in, be willing to argue it - lovingly, without shoving it down people's throats. How will they hear, without it spoken? :)

    You need more readers...