My College: A Daydream

My college loves my kind of foolishness, loves hyperactive philosophy, useless adventures like ice skating for hours, my tears for the barren ugliness of humanity, my giddy adoration for beautiful beautiful delicious delicious humanity, and unproductive staring and wandering. It nudges my sensitive artist into bloom through challenges, workshops, and artistic community.

My college feeds my academic inclination into a raging creature, consuming everything from science to music theory. It sharpens my logic into a gleaming rapier as I fence with other minds in conversation. It dares me to be passionate about every subject and to truly know them, not just pass their classes. There is absolutely no emphasis on grades. None. Zip. Nada.

My college mentors me. There are professors who know me personally, egging me on, rebuking me when I slide into complacency, celebrating my best and catching me when I slack. At my college, there is no way to fall through the cracks, no place to hide. They know me. And they know what I'm capable of. They expect nothing less.

My college is a community. A community of writers, artists, engineers, doctors, and mathematicians, diverse in field, diverse in opinion, diverse in race, diverse in religion. They all respect each other. Mathematicians honor writers, and writers honor mathematicians. My college is engaged in discussion from cafes to classrooms. Every student would be willing to stay up with me until 3am exploring God or the meaning of life or the purpose of education.

My college encourages me to be me. It cheers on my silliness and sharpens my intelligence, and holds both in equal esteem.


If only I could find it.


  1. It's too good to be true. :( I hate to be a pessimistic, but with colleges (and life from time to time) go by this motto is: don't expect much and you won't be disappointed. Ya know?

    Maybe you should start a college...

  2. That's such a cheery way to go throuh life. How about sticking to your guns, never settling for the mediocre, and forging your own way through life?

    I know.... Think I could?

  3. *rolls eyes* Yes, it is very cheery, isn't it? And, sure, there's that way too. But shooting for the stars doesn't mean you'll reach them every time. Just saying. :)

    I think if you DO go to college, you can start trying to reshape it there with groups and stuff. Or start your own. Yeah, that works too.

    Also, darling, please get back asap after reading Smoke & Mirrors. Because I have a deadline for my free copies and I wanted any critiques/tips back about it asap.

  4. Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars.

    I found an incredible college. Incredible. I'm gonna email you about it, and you're gonna fly all the way over to the west and attend with me.