10 Adventures for College

1. Become semi-vegetarian (occasionally eating fish or turkey).

2. Quit Christmas presents forever, instead write long Christmas letters to those closest to my heart or donate in their name to organizations that fight sex trafficking.

3. Learn to eat intuitively.

4. Have no car.

5. Purchase no smart phone, and keep my iPad instead of buying a macbook.

6. Learn to cut my own hair.

7. Go as fair trade as a poor college student can. DIY what I can't buy fair trade. Do without everything else.

8. Keep a compost and grow a garden, even if its just a skinny patch in my window.

9. Be organized. Kill rambling procrastination.

10. Read more. Write more. Dance more. Laugh more.


  1. About number 2... That would be rather hard, wouldn't it? People would get you things and you open them on Christmas. And feel guilty for not getting them something. *feels guilty thinking about it*

  2. I'm also asking for no Christmas presents. If they're dying to get me something, they could donate money to Love146 in my name or something. I do not have to feel guilty for not playing my cultures game by its rules :). People will know I love them by my actions, not the stuff I get them. I'm awful at giving/getting presents as it is. (I swear you'll get your Christmas/bday present eventually...)